Speed painting tutorial Mech robot

Speed painting tutorial Mech robot Gaiking Digital painting or Photoshop painting process. Here is how to draw and paint speedingpainting study video tutorial and step by step image process.
Well, speedpainting definition, as far as I understand, from the concept art standpoint is usually a study of subject (values and composition mostly) that is done in one sitting (approximately 20-60 mins or could be up to couple hours but not more). In this video demo, I use Photoshop CS5 and Wacom tablet Intuo as a painting tool.

Anyway, I felt inspired yesterday after watching Gaiking Trailer. Didn’t even think that 1970s giant robot will ever come to life on silver screen. I really hope it will be well done as a good movie so that we can see more of many giant robots in movies soon in the future. I don’t mind Transformer, but really they aren’t my favorite. I think the Giant Robot Mecha in the 70s are the most badass and they are the first of their kind. :)

Anyway, if you enjoy this tutorial, there are similar type of video tutorials I have on the site. I recommended the following video Drawing War Machine Ironman 2, Silk Spectre speedpainting tutorial, Digital Painting Tutorial Video Court Lady, Sucker punch digital painting tutorial and the old How to draw and paint Ironman. You will enjoy the similar process or I hope. :)


And if you really like Mecha stuff these video tutorials are made especially for those who wants to draw and paint Mecha robot Drawing Mech or Mecha Tutorial (this one show quick sketch and painting mecha, kinda cool. One of my better ones). And this video, Concept tutorial Drawing Giant Mech, also pretty similar to the first one in regard of painting process. Digital drawing tutorial Mech soldier is different approach almost peedpainting like video and somewhat gets different result than usual. Also you can find some more mech or robot tutorials by browsing thumbnails on top of the blog.

Here is a final speedpainting study tutorial of Mech GaiKing

how to paint mecha robot

how to paint mecha robot

Watch Digital Painting Video tutorial Speedpainting Gaiking.

download photoshop brushes

These are a few steps I usually post down here so it would help you along with the Mecha or robot painting design tutorial.

digital art tutorial painting mech robot

digital art tutorial painting mech robot

Here is a final speedpainting study tutorial of Mech GaiKing

how to paint mecha robot

how to paint mecha robot

Premium TUTORIALS: *Over 60 minutes to 2 hours of video.

How to draw and paint Mecha Robot Tutorial Download

Environmental Concept Sketch Tutorial

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  1. Xia Taptara says:

    Just link my site and credit me. that is all you have to do since it is already created. 😉

  2. Awesome Sauce says:

    Wow, this is amazing! You make it look so real, and it really pops :) sometimes when I draw armor type material, it looks flat and sort of weird. xD

  3. No One says:

    Is there any way you’d allow me to use this for a book cover for my next book?

  4. Marciofreire3d says:


  5. Xia Taptara says:

    Pick the color instead of using dodge. READ 3 rules of Painting

    Color vs Value
    Value Exercise

    How to improve your drawing 5 steps:

    Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, then more free videos will come

    Look around on the right column of the blog, you should be able to find some key tips you can utilize.


  6. fernando says:

    i have a doubt and i dont know how to do it, its the ligts: how do you do the lights i mean do you use the color dodge on the brush or how???

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