How to draw a dragon

How to draw a dragon. Learn how to draw dragon whole body with wings, arms, legs and tail. Dragon is a fantasy creature design easy to follow instruction video tutorial lesson step by step video tutorial. Drawing and sketching variety of different dragon creatures monster designs. Learn from profession video game concept artist Xia Taptara.
Another Basic Dragon creature sketch. Drawing and sketching dragon: Step by Step concept design sketching and drawing online lesson.

This easy to follow tutorial on how to draw a dragon comes from viewers most requested.
Q: Dragons are really awsome icon smile How to draw a dragon can you put some more tutorials up ? like frontview and wings etc ? icon smile How to draw a dragon that would be cool icon biggrin How to draw a dragon
A: How ’bout the whole body. I decided that it should be not too hard and average tutorial so everyone can follow.

how to draw dragon How to draw a dragon

How to draw dragon

Watch drawing video tutorial how to draw a dragon.

Below are step by step how to draw dragon, follow along with images and drawing video tutorial.
Step1, I start drawing a bean like shape for the dragon’s body. Then I started drawing the left arm out, notice in the image 2 that I have separated sections of the arm from shoulder, bicep, tricep and forearm. I would imagine dragon arm would be more like feline arm rather than other quadruped animals. Since it can rotate side to side rather than just vertical alone.
Step three, I drew out a right arm and its long taper massive neck on the further side.
Step four, I sketched a back leg. In five, I add a curvy tail. And in six, I drew in a basic shape for its head and horns on the top of the neck.

how to draw dragon 1 How to draw a dragon

how to draw dragon step 1

Here in below section, we are continuing for more dragon drawing detail. In step seven, I start drawing a wing attach to its back. And on its right, I drew in more detail on its head such as eyes, mouth, and ton of spikes. Then in step nine, I add its chest with horizontal lines to mimic belly scales. Then I shade in some shadow in dragon’s belly area. In ten, I draw thicker line and add more detail to arm, back, and back leg.

how to draw dragon 2 How to draw a dragon

how to draw dragon step 2

Here is a finished dragon drawing with body

drawing dragon body How to draw a dragon

drawing dragon body

Below is a final layout sketch. I add in a little human figure and some lines for cliff and hill. It is always a good idea to add a human figure when design creature. Because human figure can represent scale of how large or small a creature is when stand right next to it.

how to draw dragon How to draw a dragon

How to draw dragon

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