How to draw Manga hair 4 different ways

How to Draw Manga Hair in 4 Different Ways for females/girls. This is a basic lesson on how to draw manga and anime hair styles. This tutorial will go over drawing and sketching manga hair style techniques from rough geometrical sketches to finishing pencil drawing and shading. You can watch the video tutorial demo with narration on drawing hair for manga and also follow the step by step images below to supplement this art lesson.

I already have a front view face drawn so that I can just focus on drawing hair this lesson. This lesson will focus on long wavy hair with bangs. The hair has typical soft looking signature manga-spikes that flow downward nicely. Without further ado, I will begin the step by step tutorial! I picked a drawing that was as easy and simple as possible to learn. Looks like this will be another quick and easy tutorial!

Here is a final drawing of 4 different manga hairstyles.

learn to draw manga hair

learn to draw manga hair

Here is a video tutorial How to draw Manga Hair 4 different ways.

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Here are all 4 hair styles

How to draw Manga Hair 4 different ways for female

How to draw Manga Hair 4 different ways for female

Below is the step by step instructions for Hair style 1

Let’s draw!
1) I started with simple geometric shapes (but imagine it has geometrical form and depth). We begin with three big simple shapes that will become the bangs.
2) I then drew 2 more big simple shapes to illustrate the long fluffy hair that will flow downward to both sides of her shoulders.

how to draw manga hair step 1

how to draw manga hair step 1

3) Since I already have simple shapes as a base, I can now easily go in and draw details over the established big shapes.

how to draw manga hair step 2

how to draw manga hair step 2

Drawing hair tip #1: For the spiky manga hair shapes, draw big then small or wide then thin or short and long. Do not make your hair spikes all even or the same shape, they will look strange. It is more natural looking with uneven hair clumps.

Drawing hair tip #2: Start with bigger shapes to establish the overall look. Once you have the rough base as a foundation, it will make your drawing a lot easier when it comes time to add details.

Here is the final manga long wavy hair style with bangs:

how to draw manga hair

how to draw manga hair

Hope that helps.

Hope that helps!

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Edited by Alfred Leung

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  1. Jaci Carter says:

    its anime.manga is from magazines and books.anime is from movies or tv shows

  2. Xia Taptara says:

    Go slow and deliberate line. Change up to some new tutorial then come back will also work.

  3. Xia Taptara says:

    Be patient. It takes time. Draw more and you will get better.

  4. bkinib says:

    i am going crazy

  5. bkinib says:

    i stil cant draw it at the end my anime looks like a porcipine

  6. Alfonso says:

    I think this would be regular anime….not sure….XD haha! Pretty hair

  7. Xia Taptara says:

    Thank you, glad to hear it is helpful. Cheers.

  8. Kelly Dappydoo Haywood says:

    this is a really good drawing. very basic and easy to follow
    great for beginners

  9. dominika says:

    I saw the video but it
    looked very confusing so I scrawl dawn and I saw the finished version so I copied it it came looked very well :)

  10. Xia Taptara says:

    Congratz, keep it up! cheers!

  11. Illyaviel Saber says:

    great! good work i start drawing my own anime when i was 12 years old

  12. Xia Taptara says:

    Thanks, I am glad it is helpful.

  13. XeroDylan says:

    Hey i have always been in love with manga and art as a whole and have been really dedicated to doing it for years i am 19 now and i have real problems with drawing the faces and couldn’t really find no ware to help me, this has helped me a bit reconstruct my style and try new things :)

  14. Animeluver says:

    i can draw things pretty good without the hands and the eyes 😉

  15. Dani says:

    then what it is?

  16. Xia Taptara says:

    Sure sure. Good bye.

  17. says:

    umm, yeah, sorry, this is not manga. constructive criticism, not trying to be mean, just, yeah…not manga…

  18. BULSHIT says:

    no ears?

  19. Xia Taptara says:

    HB or 2B are fine, nothing fancy… no magic pencil.

  20. PrinceLee says:

    sorry.. what kind of pencil did you use?

  21. PrineLee says:

    what kind of pencil did you use.??

  22. Setsunakakurine says:

    AWESOME! You draw beautifully!

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