How to draw body

How to draw body.  Learn how to draw a man body anatomy step by step tutorial along with professionally drawn image from a professional concept artist. This is a basic to intermediate anatomy drawing instruction video, they are short but get right to the point and will be useful for studying muscles and human anatomy for artist go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomy video and step by step and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video.
Here are for faces and heads, this one is a basic drawing of a man’s head, possibly warrior brutal type, how to draw man’s head basic. If you are looking for more rendering facial tutorial go to Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. They might suit your need more.

drawing body character concept art Sinbad

drawing body character

Watch the video instruction how to draw body basic.
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Below are step by step tutorial how to draw body with images.
Step 1, I start out with a really rough line for torso then connect to the sphere head shape.  The x mark on the head indicates the front direction of the face.  Also I sketch out shapes of both arms along the side of the body.  If you notice, there is a slight s curve align vertically with the both from top of the head to legs.

Step 2, I start draw simple facial structure, more muscle structure to both arms, and some pectoral with abdominal muscles in front of the body.

Step 3, I begin to flesh out detail on his face and the top part of his right arm.  At this point, I already have under drawing established, all I have to do is to add muscle definition along the initial sketch line and make sure the proportion is correct.

how to draw body

how to draw body

Step 4, now I draw and shade the whole right arm.  I start with his right shoulder or deltoid, then upper arm with bicep and tricep.  Then I draw forearm along with a hand.  Then I went back in to finish the body.  I first get the chest muscle or pectorals in place first, then I will draw abdominal muscles along with rib cage.

Step 5, I then draw his left arm.  Then I add more value to the rest of the body to make it a little more realistic than just having line drawn.

drawing body

drawing body

sketch character design sinbad

sketch character design sinbad

Support the website and check out our Premium Drawing portrait tutorial below (over 2 hours long).  Click on the image below for detail and video demo.

How to draw male figure, body variations and humanoid creatures

How to draw male figure, body variations and humanoid creatures

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More drawing tutorial





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